WordPress Updates

Like any great product or service, WordPress undergoes constant upgrades and improvements. It is Open Source software which translates into hundreds of developers world-wide working on it, making it faster, more secure, easier to use, prettier, etc… The fact that WordPress keeps getting improved and updated doesn’t necessarily mean that your site is reaping the […]

How to Manage Email in cPanel

a dog managing some mail

Setting up email accounts is one of those tasks that tends to wait in the shadows until the final stages of website development, or worse, a week after launch. You read how having an email account for your new site is really important and using a Gmail account just doesn’t look professional. So now its […]

Intro to Domains and Hosting

New website? You need a domain name and a hosting account. If you are not familiar with the process of setting up a new website, domains and hosting can be quit confusing. I will attempt to help but, actually going through the process is the best way to grasp how these two things relate. A […]

Hello world!

hello world

That’s right, this is the default post that comes with WordPress and I’m not going to change the title. This site has been around for 15 years and has gone through a few iterations. Unfortunately I am usually busy building sites for other folks so this one is always the last to get any love […]