Hello world!

hello world

That’s right, this is the default post that comes with WordPress and I’m not going to change the title.

This site has been around for 15 years and has gone through a few iterations. Unfortunately I am usually busy building sites for other folks so this one is always the last to get any love and I really want to change that. So I’m starting over. $post_id = 1.

I saw Chris Lema speak at a WordCamp a couple years ago and one of the (many) tidbits of wisdom he issued was “share everything you know with everyone”. His reasons for doing this made a LOT of sense and really struck a chord (G major I think) for me. So, despite my enormous affliction of “Impostor Syndrome”, my intent is to get over myself and try to do just that.

In fact if it were not for Chris and a myriad of other bloggers who share their knowledge on a daily/weekly basis I would not be nearly the developer I am today. I mean, holy crap, how many times have I been stuck, plugged in my question at Google and found exactly what I needed. Sites like Bill Erickson, WP Beginner, Tom McFarlin, Chris Coyier, CodePen and many others that just give it away truly emulate the essence of open source. Very cool.

So while I am no Lema or Erickson, there may be someone out there who could benefit from one of the zillions of problems I’ve had to solve over the years. One way to find out…

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